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                      News Release

                      October 13, 1997

                      Hitachi to Launch Ultra-thin Contactless IC Card Just 0.25 mm Thick

                      - Solution services for the card is also provided to fully support IC card system for new era of EC -

                      Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that, on October 15, it will release in Japan an ultrathin contactless IC card just 0. 25 mm thick for electronic commerce (EC) system infrastructure applications, and IC Card Solutions, which provide all-round support for the implementation of EC systems.

                      Compared to the magnetic cards now in widespread use, such as bank cash cards and telephone cards, IC cards offer higher security and a much greater information-storage capacity. With EC expected to be implemented in earnest on an increasingly broad scale, such features make the IC card a highly effective tool for electronic money systems and personal identity verification.

                      Some countries are already making extensive use of IC cards equipped with contact terminals. However, there are a number of problems with that type of card, such as that since the contacts are on the surface of the card, they are susceptible to the effects of dirt and static electricity. In addition to eliminating such problems, contactless cards are able to establish communication links over distances that range from a few millimeters up to several meters, making them applicable to a variety of new applications, electronic prepaid fare tickets and freight shipping tags being two examples. Because of these advantages, studies are now focusing on replacing existing magnetic and contact cards with contactless IC cards.

                      Hitachi is extensively involved in the area of EC, such as through its Hitachi Commerce Solutions, an integrated lineup of EC products and services, TWX-21, a business media service for enabling EC transactions between enterprises, encryption products, verification servers and other security products and services needed to implement the requisite infrastructure.

                      The ultrathin contactless IC card developed by Hitachi is a close-coupling type with an operational distance of approximately 2 millimeters and a built-in microprocessor. Previously 0.76 mm was the thinnest that contactless IC cards could be fabricated. By developing technology to reduce the thickness of IC chips, and lamination packaging technology, Hitachi was able to bring the thickness down to approximately 0.25 mm, making the card no thicker than a prepaid fare card or telephone card.

                      IC Card Solutions are solution service products that provide comprehensive support of related leading-edge technologies required for the implementation of EC systems.

                      Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world's leading global electronics companies, with fiscal 1996 (ending March 31, 1997) consolidated sales of 8,523 billion yen. The company manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment. For more information on Hitachi, Ltd., please visit Hitachi's Web site at http://www.hitachi.co.jp.

                      - Pricing and availability of products -
                      Product Sample Price Availability
                      Contactless IC Card Products
                      1. Close-coupling IC card HZC-1100 (without co-processor) 1,500 yen April 1998
                      HZC-1300 (with co-processor) 2,000 yen October 1998
                      2. Close-coupling reader/writer from 50,000 yen April 1998
                      IC Card Solution Services (* Prices are all based on individual estimate.)
                      1. IC card system planning service
                      April 1998
                      2. IC card system implementation service
                      April 1998
                      3. IC card system introduction/operating/maintenance service
                      April 1998
                      4. IC card printing service
                      April 1998
                      5. IC card data processing service
                      April 1998

                      - IC Card Product Specifications -
                      Model HZC-1100 HZC-1300
                      Operating distance 0 to 2 mm 0 to 2 mm
                      Operating frequency 4.9 MHz 4.9 MHz
                      MPU H8 microprocessor
                      (without co-processor)
                      H8 microprocessor
                      (with co-processor)
                      Cipher Standard: None
                      Option: MULTI2, DES
                      Standard: RSA
                      Memory type/capacity EEPROM/8 KB
                      RAM/512 B
                      ROM/16 KB
                      EEPROM/8 KB
                      RAM/512 B
                      ROM 14 KB
                      Dimensions (thickness) Choice of: 0.25/0.38/0.50/0.76 mm Choice of: 0.25/0.38/0.50/0.76 mm
                      Card material PET PET
                      Reader/writer HZR-8020, HZB-8020 HZR-8020, HZB-8020

                      - Reader/Writer Specifications -
                      Type Insertion (External type) Internal (Board type)
                      Model HZR-8020 HZB-8020
                      Operating distance 0 to 2 mm 0 to 2 mm
                      Operating frequency 4.9 MHz 4.9 MHz
                      Dimensions (W x D x H / mm) 80 x 140 x 50 Controller: 70 x 120 x 15
                      Antenna:70 x 90 x 20
                      Power supply Power consumption 6 W 5 W
                      Voltage 100 VAC +5 VDC, +12 VDC
                      Interface RS-232C( 9.6 to 38.4 Kbps) RS-232C (9.6 to 38.4 Kbps)
                      Card HZC-1100, HZC-1300 HZC-1100, HZC-1300
                      Note With AC adapter

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1997, Hitachi, Ltd.

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