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                      News Release

                      June 15, 1998

                      Hitachi Releases Schottky Barrier Diode for High-Speed Switching

                      - Two low-loss diode elements in a small 2.1 mm x 2.0 mm package for improved mounting efficiency -

                      Hitachi, Ltd.(NYSE:HIT) today announced the release of a Schottky barrier diode, the HSB0104YP, containing two diode elements, and will begin sample shipments in July 1998. This new product makes possible high-speed switching at the picosecond level.

                      The constant increase in signal processing speeds in personal computers, measuring instruments, and similar equipment, has created a need for faster signal processing in the path lines that transmit these signals. Conventional junction diodes require a recovery time between the on and off states, limiting signal processing speeds. Based on the premise that a diode with a short recovery time is essential to achieving faster signal processing circuitry, Hitachi developed the HSB0104YP Schottky barrier diode for high-speed switching applications.

                      Making use of their short on-off recovery time, Schottky barrier diodes have been used in high-frequency detection and mixer applications, and in low-loss rectification applications that exploit their low-forward-voltage characteristic, but this new product is developed for switching use, in anticipation of the future proliferation of applications requiring high-speed signal processing. As conventional junction diodes employ switching characteristics derived from minority carriers, the switching time is limited by the lifetime of these carriers. However, the HSB0104YP, which works by majority carriers, is capable of high-speed switching with no lifetime limitations, making it ideal for use in high-speed logic circuits and data bus termination.

                      The HSB0104YP is available as a small 4-pin CMPAK-4 package (Hitachi package code, 2.1 mm x 2.0 mm mounting area), containing two independent diode elements, resulting in a 30% decrease in mounting area compared with the use of two of Hitachi's mainstream small 2-pin URP package (Hitachi package code, 2.5 mm x 1.25 mm mounting area). In addition, the use of independent pin arrangements provides for a wide variety of circuit configurations.


                      1. 100 mA, 40 V high-speed switching Schottky barrier diode Schottky barrier diode suitable for high-speed switching, ideal for signal bus line protection. Low VF characteristic can be used to advantage in surge protection applications.
                      2. Small CMPAK-4 package (2.1 mm x 2.0 mm) Smaller end-product made possible by reducing mounting area by 30% compared with use of two of Hitachi's previous URP- package products.
                      3. Two independent diode elements in a single package Many circuit configurations possible, including anode- common, cathode-common, series connection, and parallel connection. High degree of flexibility in mounting board pattern for improved cost/performance.

                      Typical Applications

                      Bus lines in notebook PCs, PDAs (personal digital assistants), portable phones, etc.

                      Prices in Japan

                      Product NameSample Price (Yen)
                      HSB 0104YP17


                      1. Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25 degrees Celcius)
                      Item Symbol HSB0104YP Unit
                      Reverse voltage VR 40 V
                      Forward current IF 100 mA
                      Surge forward current IFSM 3 A
                      Maximum junction temperature Tj 125 degrees Celcius
                      Storage temperature Tstg -55 to +125 degrees Celcius degrees Celcius
                      Package code - CMPAK-4 -

                      2. Electrical Characteristics (Ta = 25 degrees Celcius)
                      Item Symbol HSB0104YP Unit
                      Forward voltage VF 0.58
                      IF = 0.1A
                      Reverse current IR 50
                      VR = 20V
                      Inter-pin capacitance C 20Typ
                      V = 0V, f = 1MHz

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1998, Hitachi, Ltd.

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