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                      News Release

                      March 30, 1999

                      Hitachi Releases SelecTop Multi Display

                      - Capable of Timely Display of Large Amounts of Information -

                      Hitachi, Ltd. today announced that it will release on March 31, the SelecTop Multi 
                      information window, a multi-liquid-crystal-display device that is capable of timely display 
                      of large amounts of information by utilizing four of Hitachi's wide-viewing-angle, high-
                      resolution, 14.1-inch SuperTFT LCD panels.
                      In recent years there has been an increasing need to transmit information, the Internet 
                      being a typical example, and it has become possible to provide even remote areas with 
                      information on a real-time basis, by using computer networks to transmit the information 
                      in digital form.
                      In particular, the value of information such as advertising, guides to events, new 
                      information and the like is increased if it is provided to the target audience on a timely 
                      basis.  This has been fueling increasing demand for ways of providing such information 
                      in greater detail, and devices able to simultaneously display larger amounts of information.
                      To answer these needs, Hitachi developed the SelecTop Multi as a space-saving device 
                      capable of the timely display of large amounts of information.
                      <Pricing and availability>
                      Product:	PC-DT4170 Multi-LCD display
                      -	Four 14.1-inch SuperTFT panels
                      -	Resolution:	1,024 by 768 per screen
                      -	Colors:		16,190,000 colors
                      -	Brightness:	200 cd/m2
                      -	Contrast ratio:	200:1
                      -	Viewing angle (horizontal/vertical):	160 degrees
                      -	Power consumption:	35 W per screen
                      -	Size (WHD):	677 by 516.2 by 90 mm
                      -	Weight:	22 kg
                      Price:		1.5 million yen
                      Availability:	End of April
                      Product:	PC-CV4170 video board for display
                      -	Integrated control of four LCDs
                      -	Requires one PCI full slot
                      Price:		200,000 yen
                      Availability:	End of April
                      Product:	PC-AU4170 display stand
                      Holds the SelecTop Multi and control PC, keyboard and mouse
                      -	Size (WHD):	676 by 1,650 by 710 mm
                      -	Weight:	61 kg
                      Price:		250,000 yen
                      Availability:	End of April
                      Product:	PCS-VSUMB500 scheduling program
                      Generates schedules that can be edited and confirmed
                      Runs under Windows NT(R) Workstation 4.0
                      Price:		180,000 yen
                      Availability:	End of April
                      <SelecTop Multi features>
                      1.	Uses SuperTFT technology for clarity and wide viewing angle
                      Hitachi's SuperTFT LCD technology ensures that even the smallest characters and finest 
                      lines are displayed with razor-sharp brightness and clarity.  It also ensures a wide viewing 
                      angle of 160 degrees (+/- 80 degrees), both horizontally and vertically.
                      2.	High-resolution, integrated 4-panel structure
                      Four 14-inch SuperTFT LCD panels, each with a resolution of 1,024 by 768 dots, are 
                      integrated into a single configuration, two screens wide by two screens high.  This 
                      makes it possible to simultaneously display several pages of a pamphlet or product 
                      3.	 Space-saving design
                      The four-panel configuration is only 90mm deep, so it can be used where space is 
                      limited, such as atop a counter or on a wall.  The optional stand can be used to set up 
                      the display in a corridor or in a corner.
                      4. 	PC control
                      The multi-display video board (PC-CV4170) released at the same time as the main unit 
                      allows the four screens to be controlled using a PC.  Information can be scheduled for 
                      display by means of the special scheduling program (PCS-VSUM B500).  This also 
                      allows the real-time display of content received from a remote location, such as via the 
                      Internet or a data broadcasting service.
                      - The full name for Windows NT Workstation 4.0 is Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) 
                      Workstation Operating System Version 4.0.
                      - Microsoft and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in 
                      the U.S. and other countries.
                      - XGA is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation.
                      - Other product and company names herein are trademarks or registered trademarks 
                      of their respective owners.
                      <Product Information (In Japanese)>
                      - Internet:	www.hitachi.co.jp/Prod/comp/OSD/open/LCD/index.html
                      - NIFTY-SERVE: HITACHI Forum	Access command:	GO FHITACHI

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1999, Hitachi, Ltd.

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