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                      News Release ^

                      May 5, 1999


                      Agreements Signal New Strategy for HP in Mission-critical Enterprise Storage; First Result is SAN-ready HP SureStore E Disk Array MC256

                      	NEW YORK, May 5, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company and Hitachi, Ltd., 
                      in conjunction with its global marketing arm, Hitachi Data Systems, today 
                      announced joint technology and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 
                      agreements for enterprise-storage subsystems directed at the burgeoning 
                      enterprise-storage and storage area network (SAN) markets.  The announcement 
                      was made here at a press conference.
                      Joint Technology Agreement (JTA)
                      	HP and Hitachi, Ltd. have had a very successful nine-year technology 
                      relationship, starting with development cooperation in the areas of PA-RISC(1), 
                      UNIX(R) systems and HP-UX(2).  This JTA expands these areas of collaboration to 
                      include enterprise-storage solutions.
                      	Under the terms of the JTA, HP and Hitachi, Ltd. research and development 
                      organizations already have started to cooperate on the design, development and 
                      enhancement of enterprise-storage projects.  Initial results of this agreement are 
                      incorporated into the HP SureStore E Disk Array MC256 (see today's related 
                      announcement).  Future efforts will cover a broad range of storage, SAN and 
                      storage-management products.  These efforts will result in products that may be 
                      manufactured by HP or Hitachi, Ltd.
                      OEM Agreement
                      	Under the terms of the three-year OEM agreement, HP will OEM Hitachi, 
                      Ltd.'s high-end array technology products, cooperatively enhancing them with 
                      HP-contributed firmware and Fibre Channel technology for improved open-system 
                      performance, support for system consolidation and SAN interoperability.  HP also 
                      will OEM several storage-management applications to enable local and remote 
                      data mirroring, interoperating system data transfers, and centralized array 
                      management.  HP will integrate this software into its new HP SureStore E Storage 
                      Node Manager software as well as HP OpenView OmniBack II software to deliver 
                      zero-downtime backup solutions for SAP and Oracle(R) applications.
                      	HP also will leverage Hitachi, Ltd.'s high-quality manufacturing facilities 
                      and efficient supply-chain management, allowing optimized availability and 
                      flexibility in delivering tailored MC256-based solutions to enterprise customers.
                      	The MC256 will be the premier multiplatform high-end solution in the 
                      HP SureStore E storage product family.  The HP SureStore E product line 
                      promises enterprise customers "Stress-Free Storage ... Guaranteed" and is tightly 
                      integrated with HP Equation SAN-based, intelligent-storage architecture, also 
                      announced today.
                      	Furthermore, Hitachi Data Systems was named an authorized value-added 
                      reseller in a number of countries for the MC256 as well as other HP 
                      Equation-based storage solutions, allowing Hitachi Data Systems customers access 
                      to the benefits of the MC256.  
                      	"With storage availability and storage networks so crucial to IT strategy, HP 
                      is providing its customers with the industry's strongest line of storage solutions for 
                      the enterprise," said Bill Russell, executive vice president and chief operating 
                      officer of Enterprise Computing Solutions.  "Working with Hitachi, Ltd. will 
                      enable us to deliver an unmatched high-end disk array that meets our customers' 
                      high-availability expectations.  The centralized manageability, high-performance 
                      design and open architecture of the MC256 make it ideal for customers that are 
                      deploying enterprise-storage solutions."
                      	"This alliance leverages the complementary strengths of Hitachi, Ltd. and 
                      HP.  Together, we will deliver the best enterprise-storage technology for the 
                      increasingly heterogeneous computing environment," said Masaaki Hayashi, 
                      Hitachi, Ltd.'s senior corporate officer and group president of the Computer 
                      Products Group.  "Customers can now rest assured that their valuable information 
                      resources are continually available and protected."
                      	"I believe that this agreement is absolutely the right thing for HP and its 
                      enterprise customers," said David Hill, senior analyst with Aberdeen Group.  "HP 
                      has continually demonstrated that it is committed to doing whatever it believes is 
                      in the best interest of its storage customers.  Hitachi, Ltd. is a great choice as the 
                      core engine to help provide an open, high-end disk array for customers' future 
                      high-availability needs."
                      About Hitachi, Ltd.
                      	Hitachi, Ltd., headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is one of the world's leading 
                      global technology companies, with fiscal 1997 (ended March 31, 1998) 
                      consolidated sales of 8,417 billion yen ($63.8 billion*).  The company 
                      manufactures and markets a wide range of products, including computers, 
                      semiconductors, consumer products and power and industrial equipment.  For 
                      more information on Hitachi, Ltd., please visit Hitachi, Ltd.'s Web site at 
                      * At an exchange rate of 132 yen to the dollar.
                      About Hitachi Data Systems
                      	Recognized as a leading provider of business solutions for the world's most 
                      IT-intensive corporations, Hitachi Data Systems offers a global professional 
                      services division, multiplatform storage subsystems, and the industry's broadest 
                      line of high-performance servers.  The company's extensive range of products and 
                      services, coupled with its business alliances with key industry leaders, enable it to 
                      translate technology into enterprise-wide solutions for high-end and middle-market 
                      customers.  Hitachi Data Systems is owned by Hitachi, Ltd. (NYSE: HIT) and has 
                      its headquarters in Santa Clara, California.  For further information on Hitachi 
                      Data Systems, access http://www.hds.com.  Hitachi Data Systems press releases 
                      are available at http://www.hds.com/news/press.html.
                      About HP
                      	Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and 
                      imaging solutions and services for business and home -- is focused on capitalizing 
                      on the opportunities of the Internet and the proliferation of electronic services.  HP 
                      had computer-related revenue of $39.5 billion in its 1998 fiscal year.
                      	HP plans to launch a new company ("NewCo") consisting of its 
                      industry-leading test-and-measurement, components, chemical-analysis and 
                      medical businesses.  These businesses represented $7.6 billion of HP's total 
                      revenue in fiscal 1998.  With leading positions in multiple market segments, this 
                      technology-based company will focus on high-growth opportunities such as 
                      communications and life sciences.
                      	HP has 122,800 employees worldwide and had total revenue of $47.1 billion 
                      in its 1998 fiscal year.  Information about HP, its products and the company's 
                      Year 2000 program can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com.
                      (1) PA-RISC stands for Precision Architecture-reduced-instruction-set computing.
                      (2) HP-UX Release 10.20 and later and HP-UX Release 11.00 and later (in both 
                      32- and 64-bit configurations) on all HP 9000 computers are Open Group UNIX 95 
                      branded products.
                      UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group.
                      Oracle is a registered U.S. trademark of Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, 
                      Jenny Shelton					Terry Kubo
                      Cunningham Communication, Inc. for HP		Hitachi America for Hitachi, Ltd.
                      (650) 858-3778					(650) 244-7900   
                      jshelton@ccipr.com				tatsuya.kubo@hal.hitachi.com
                      Susan Etlinger
                      The Weber Group for Hitachi Data Systems
                      (650) 463-8659

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1999, Hitachi, Ltd.

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