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                      News Release ^

                      June 3, 1999

                      Hitachi Releases Industry's First Multi-Bit Configuration 256-Mbit Synchronous DRAM Using Multi-Chip Package

                      - x64-bit configuration synchronous DRAMs in a single package for more compact systems -

                      Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced, as an industry first, the HM5225645FBP-B60 (x64-
                      bit configuration) and HM5225325FBP-B60 (x32-bit configuration) Multi-Chip Package*1 256-
                      Mbit synchronous DRAMs (SDRAMs), with four 64-Mbit SDRAMs mounted on a single BGA 
                      package base, for use as main memory in notebook PCs and portable information devices.  
                      Sample shipments will begin in June 1999 in Japan.
                      These new products offer the industry's first single-package implementation of 256-Mbit capacity 
                      in x64-bit and x32-bit configurations, and are almost the same size as current 64-Mbit SDRAM 
                      packages, enabling systems to be made more compact.
                      Notebook PCs and portable information devices are not only improving in terms of performance 
                      and functionality, but are also becoming smaller and lighter, requiring system implementation 
                      within a very limited space.  Providing a main memory capacity of 32 or 64 Mbytes for such 
                      products has required the use of four or eight x16-bit configuration  64-Mbit SDRAMs.  
                      However, a greater degree of SDRAM density will be needed in the future to meet the demands of 
                      larger main memory capacities and smaller system size.
                      To meet this need, Hitachi developed the HM5225645FBP-B60 (x64-bit configuration) and 
                      HM5225325FBP-B60 (x32-bit configuration) 256-Mbit SDRAMs, offering x64 and x32 multi-bit 
                      implementation together with large capacity, through the use of the company's proprietary Multi-
                      Chip Package.
                      The new products use Hitachi 64-Mbit SDRAMs with a small 38 mm2 chip size, and by employing 
                      KGD technology*2 to improve productivity plus COB*3 technology to enable four chips to be 
                      mounted on a single base, offer both a multi-bit configuration and large capacity in a single 
                      package.  Four x16-bit 64-Mbit SDRAMs are used in the x64-bit configuration HM5225645FBP-
                      B60, and four x8-bit 64-Mbit SDRAMs in the x32-bit configuration HM5225325FBP-B60.
                      This makes it possible to provide 32-Mbyte memory capacity in a single package for systems with 
                      a 64- or 32-bit memory bus width.  This is useful when space for memory expansion is limited.
                      These new products use existing 64-Mbit SDRAM chips, providing compatibility with standard 
                      64-Mbit SDRAMs and easy replacement in memory systems.  For example, features such as 
                      PC100 specifications and 4k/64 ms refreshing can be supported in the same way as when using 
                      current 64-Mbit SDRAMs.
                      Instead of the TSOP packages of previous 64-Mbit SDRAMs, a standard BGA package is used.  
                      The pin pitch (ball pitch) is 1.27 mm, simplifying on-board wiring design.  The package has a pin 
                      count of 108, and the layout follows Hitachi's original specification.  The package size is 22.0 mm 
                      x 14.0 mm, almost the same as current 64-Mbit SDRAMs.  The power supply voltage is 3.3 V, 
                      conforming to the PC100 specification.
                      These new SDRAMs can be used effectively in a variety of non-PC fields, including digital still 
                      cameras and copiers, as well as in notebook PCs and portable information devices.
                      Future plans include the development of  the 128-Mbit models with a x32-bit configuration and  
                      also the Multi-Chip Package 256-Mbit SDRAM of a 2.5V external voltage version  according to a 
                      development of the 64-Mbit chips of a 2.5V external voltage version. 
                      Notes:	1.Multi-Chip Package: A package in which a number of semiconductor chips, etc., 
                                 are mounted.
                      	2.KGD: Known-Good-Die.  KGD technology uses chip testing to provide good-
                                 quality chips.  
                      	3.COB: Chip-On-Board.  An assembly technique in which a chip is mounted directly 
                                 on the board.
                      < Typical Applications >
                      -Main memory in notebook PCs, portable information devices, etc.
                      - Memory in non-PC fields such as digital still cameras and copiers
                      < Prices in Japan > (For Reference Only)
                      Product Code		Configuration	Refreshing	Sample Price (Yen)
                      HM5225645FBP-B60        4M x 64         4k/64ms         30,000
                      HM5225325FBP-B60        8M x 32         4k/64ms         30,000
                      < Specifications >
                      Product code                 HM5225645FBP-B60/ HM5225325FBP-B60    
                      Configuration                1M x 64 x 4 banks / 2M x 32 x 4 banks 
                      Base chip (64-Mbit SDRAM)                                                     
                      configuration                1M x 16 x 4 banks / 2M x 8 x 4 banks  
                      Number of chips mounted      4                                     
                      Power supply voltage         Single 3.3 V power supply (±0.3 V)    
                      Performance                  PC100 (100 MHz) support               
                      Type/functions               64-Mbit SDRAM compatibility           
                      Refresh specification        4k/64ms                               
                      Package                      Standard BGA (108 pins, 1.27 mm pitch)

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1999, Hitachi, Ltd.

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