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                      News Release ^

                      December 13, 1999

                      Hitachi Releases Industry's First 512-Mbyte 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DIMMs Containing 256-Mbit DDR SDRAMs

                      - Large-capacity memory modules with 2.1-Gbyte/second bandwidth for high-speed data transfers in PCs, workstations, and servers.-

                      The Semiconductor Group of Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced, as an 
                      industry first, 512-Mbyte 184-pin DDR*1 SDRAM DIMMs*2 containing 256-Mbit 
                      DDR synchronous DRAMs (DDR SDRAMs), for use as main memory in PCs, 
                      workstations, servers, and similar products.  Sample shipments of the unbuffered type 
                      HB54A5129FN Series and the registered type HB54A5129F1 Series will begin in 
                      January 2000 in Japan. These new DIMMs offer high-speed operation, with a data 
                      transfer rate of 2.1-Gbytes per second.
                      256-Mbyte 184-pin DDR SDRAM DIMMs of the unbuffered type HB54A2569FM 
                      Series and the registered type HB54A2569F1 Series are also developed and will start 
                      the sample shipment from January 2000 in Japan.  
                      The speed and performance of information device systems implementing network and 
                      multimedia applications continue to increase, bringing a demand for greater 
                      performance from the CPUs and memory devices used in such systems.  In particular 
                      demand are higher data transfer rates for the DRAMs used as main memory, and 
                      Hitachi has already released fast DDR SDRAMs achieving data transfer rates of 266-
                      Mbps/pin and 200-Mbps/pin.  Now, Hitachi has developed large-capacity 512-Mbyte 
                      and 256-Mbyte modules incorporating DDR SDRAMs.
                      512-Mbyte models employ a 64-Mword x 72-bit configuration and  256-Mbyte 
                      models employ a 32-Mword x 72-bit configuration. These products offer high-speed 
                      operation, with data transfer rates of  2.1-Gbytes per second and 1.6-Gbytes per 
                      second using 133MHz and 100MHz clocks. All power supply and input/output 
                      voltages are 2.5 V, and an SSTL-2*3 I/O interface is used, enabling high-speed, low-
                      power-consumption operation. The modules are JEDEC standard 184-pin socket type 
                      These modules allow high-density mounting of DDR SDRAMs in various kinds of 
                      information devices, making it possible to implement large-capacity, high-speed 
                      information device systems. 
                      Future plans include the development of a 1-Gbyte registered DIMMs, using Hitachi's 
                      stacked TCP*4 mounting technology, together with further improvements in DDR 
                      SDRAM speed and capacity.
                      Notes:	1. DDR: Double Data Rate.  A data input/output method in which input/output                       
                      		is synchronized with both rises and falls of an external clock.
                      	2. DIMM: Dual In-line Memory Module
                      	3. SSTL-2: Stub Series Terminated Logic for 2.5V
                              4. TCP: Tape Carrier Package
                      < Typical Applications >
                      Main memory or expansion memory for high-end workstations, servers, and PCs.
                      < Prices in Japan > (For Reference Only) 
                      Product Name					Sample Price (Yen)	
                      512-Mbyte DIMMs		HB54A5129FN		456,000  to  532,000
                      unbuffered type		Series						
                      512-Mbyte DIMMs		HB54A5129F1		480,000  to  560,000
                      registered type		Series						
                      256-Mbyte DIMMs		HB54A2569FM		240,000  to  280,000
                      unbuffered type		Series						
                      256-Mbyte DIMMs		HB54A2569F1		264,000  to  308,000
                      registered type		Series						
                      < Specifications >
                      Item			HB54A5129FN	HB54A5129F1	HB54A2569FM	HB54A2569F1	
                      Product			64 Mwords x	64 Mwords x	32 Mwords x	32 Mwords x 
                      configuration		72 bits		72 bits		72 bits		72 bits		
                      Buffering		Unbuffered	Buffered 	Unbuffered	Buffered 
                      					(PLL + register 		(PLL + register
                      					type)				type)		
                      Power supply 		2.5V +/- 0.2V
                      Operating 		Clock:100MHz/133MHz
                      frequency		Data  :200MHz/266MHz						
                      Data transfer rate	1.6 Gbytes per second  /  2.1 Gbytes per second			
                      Burst length		2/4/8								
                      Burst sequence		Sequential/interleaved						
                      Refreshing		8 kcycles/64 ms							
                      Package			184-pin DIMM (Dual In-line Memory Module)			

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1999, Hitachi, Ltd.

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