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                      News Release ^

                      December 20, 1999

                      Hitachi Releases 32-Bit Single-Chip RISC Microcomputers Supporting "CAN" In-Vehicle LAN Standard

                      -Lineup of three models with comprehensive on-chip peripheral modules, the most suitable for control of automotive, FA and other industrial equipment, etc. -

                      Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE: 6501) today announced three F-ZTAT(TM)*1 microcomputers - the 
                      SH7054F, SH7053F, and SH7052F - with an on-chip controller area network (CAN*2: an in-
                      vehicle LAN standard) interface and 384/256-kbyte on-chip flash memory, as additions to the 
                      SH7050 Series of 32-bit single-chip RISC microcomputers for automotive equipment.  
                      Sample shipments will begin in March 2000 in Japan.
                      The current trend of a control field in the automotive equipment is from serial 
                      communication to networks using fast and highly reliable CAN.  CANs are already used as 
                      the in-vehicle LAN standard in Europe, and are also coming into use as standard in-vehicle 
                      LANs in Japan and the USA.  Because of their extremely high safety standards, 
                      communication systems using a CAN are also becoming more widely used in FA and other 
                      industrial fields, and also for medical equipment that requires a high degree of safety and 
                      reliability.  This trend has brought a growing demand for microcomputers with an on-chip 
                      CAN interface.
                      At the same time, to shorten development and improvement time-frames for CAN-
                      connectable equipment, there is a growing need for microcomputers with on-chip flash 
                      memory that allows easy modification of control programs and data.
                      In response to this demand, Hitachi has previously released the SH7055F, incorporating two 
                      HCAN*3 channels, 512-kbyte flash memory, and 32-kbyte RAM, as a SuperH(TM) RISC 
                      engine family*4 32-bit RISC microcomputer for automotive applications.
                      Now, Hitachi has extended the product lineup with the development of three compact models 
                      of the SH7055F, provided with a single HCAN channel: the SH7054F (384-kbyte flash 
                      memory, 16-kbyte RAM), SH7053F (256-kbyte flash memory, 16-kbyte RAM), and 
                      SH7052F (256-kbyte flash memory, 12-kbyte RAM).
                      These three new models have a high-performance 32-bit SH-2 core, and use 0.35 um CMOS 
                      process.  The maximum operating frequency is 40 MHz and it enables to be accessed the on-
                      chip flash memory in one cycle.  As with previous F-ZTAT(TM) microcomputers, the flash 
                      memory is divided into large and small blocks, and supports erasure only of those blocks that 
                      need to be erased , in addition to total erasure. 
                      Comprehensive on-chip peripheral functions include powerful timer functions provided by an 
                      Advanced Timer Unit-II (ATU-II), ideally suited to engine control, comprising nine free-
                      running counters, 16 down-counters, and eight PWM*5 counters, plus a single-channel 
                      watchdog timer that can also be used as an interval timer, and a two-channel compare match 
                      Two on-chip A/D converters provide +/-2 LSB conversion accuracy with 10-bit resolution on 
                      16 analog input channels.  This makes it possible to process analog signals from a number of 
                      sensors, and to implement high-functionality, high-accuracy system control.
                      Two power supply voltages, 5 V and 3.3 V, are used.  Peripheral I/O pins operate at 5.0 V, 
                      while the CPU and other internal logic, and also the bus interface, operate at 3.3 V, for lower 
                      power consumption.
                      The package is a 208-pin plastic QFP that enables system size to be small and reduces system 
                      Hitachi plans to further extend the product lineup in the future with models offering a higher 
                      CPU operating frequency and larger memory capacity, as well as enhanced peripheral 
                      The following software and hardware products are available to provide a development 
                      Cross C compiler, cross assembler, linkage editor, librarian, simulator, debugger, etc.
                      E8000 realtime simulator
                      Notes:	1. F-ZTAT (Flexible Zero Turn-Around Time) is a trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
                      	2. CAN: Controller Area Network.  A network specification for use in vehicles,  
                                 proposed by Robert Bosch GmbH of Germany.
                      	3. HCAN: Hitachi Controller Area Network.  A CAN compliant with the Bosch 
                                 CAN Ver. 2.0B active specification, featuring full CAN support and a 
                                 16-message buffer.
                      	4. SuperH is a trademark of Hitachi, Ltd.
                      	5. PWM: Pulse Width Modulation
                      < Typical Applications >
                      Automotive: Engine control, AT control, stability control, etc.
                      Industrial: FA, sequencers, NC, etc.
                      < Prices in Japan >   (For Reference Only)
                      Product Code			Sample Unit Price (Yen)	
                      SH7054F (HD64F7054F)		3,900			
                      SH7053F (HD64F7053F)		3,800			
                      SH7052F (HD64F7052F)		3,700			

                      WRITTEN BY Secretary's Office
                      All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) 1999, Hitachi, Ltd.

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