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                      page title : News Releases : Power & Industrial Systems
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                      Information contained in the news releases are current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.
                      December 18, 2006

                      Hitachi was Awarded an Order of Propulsion System for the Sydney Network
                      December 12, 2006

                      Hitachi to Transfer Xanavi Shares to Clarion
                      December 1, 2006

                      Hitachi Announces Outcome of Tender Offer
                      November 17, 2006

                      Hitachi Submitted Amendment to Tender Offer Registration Statement and Announced Amendment to Public Notice of Commencement of Tender Offer
                      November 13, 2006

                      Hitachi and GE to Create a Global Alliance for Nuclear Power Business
                      October 24, 2006

                      Hitachi Announces Commencement of Tender Offer
                      October 11, 2006

                      Hitachi to Strengthen Ties With Clarion to Bolster Car Information Systems Business
                      February 2, 2006

                      Resolutions Approved at Extraordinary Shareholder Meetings Concerning the Formation of Hitachi Plant Technologies
                      December 15, 2005

                      Hitachi to Make Hitachi Mobile a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

                      Approval of Director Candidates and Executive Officers for Hitachi Plant Technologies

                      Hitachi and Hitachi Plant Sign Corporate Split Agreement

                      Hitachi Plant, Hitachi Kiden and Hitachi Industries Sign Merger Agreement
                      October 31, 2005

                      Appointment of President and Name for New Integrated Company to Run Hitachi Group's Social and Industrial Infrastructure Systems Business
                      October 24, 2005

                      Hitachi Plant, Hitachi Kiden, Hitachi Industries and Related Hitachi Divisions to Integrate to Strengthen Social and Industrial Infrastructure Systems Business
                      September 5, 2005

                      Hitachi and Clarion to Begin Collective Purchasing in Car Information Systems Business
                      August 23, 2005

                      First overseas operation and maintenance service of pumping station ordered in Egypt
                      August 4, 2005

                      MHI and Hitachi Reach New Agreement on Multifaceted Collaboration In Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Operations
                      May 23, 2005

                      Hitachi and Clarion Agree to Strengthen Ties to Expand Car Information Systems Business
                      May 13, 2005

                      Hitachi Group will Hold 60% Shares of Joint Ventures in Thailand to Strengthen the Elevator and Escalator Business
                      April 1, 2005

                      February 12, 2004

                      Hitachi Wins an Order for 107 Moving Sidewalks for Thailand Suvarnbhumi International Airport
                      January 22, 2004

                      Hitachi and AccSys Deliver First PET Isotope Production System Utilizing Linear Accelerator
                      September 30, 2003

                      Hitachi to Set up New High-Pressure Fuel Pump Factory in Sachsen, Germany
                      May 29, 2003

                      Hitachi to Acquire Its Own Shares from a Subsidiary
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                      Back numbers posted before this date can be found on the "Power & Industrial Systems"page.
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