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                      page title : News Releases : R&D
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                      Information contained in the news releases are current as of the date of the press announcement, but may be subject to change without prior notice.
                      December 11, 2006

                      Hitachi and Renesas Technology Develop Phase-Change Memory Cell Technology Enabling Low-Power Operation and Stable Fabrication
                      November 6, 2006

                      Basic Experiment in the Application of Optical Topography as a Brain-Machine Interface to Operate Equipment
                      August 30, 2006

                      Hitachi Develops the Basic Technology for Authentication of Digital Research Notebooks
                      June 15, 2006

                      Hitachi Fellow Dr. Kiyoo Itoh to be awarded IEEE medal
                      June 13, 2006

                      Development of ultra low-k material and interconnect process for next generation memory devices
                      March 16, 2006

                      HIME (R) developed by Hitachi adopted as an ISO standard
                      February 6, 2006

                      World's smallest and thinnest 0.15 x 0.15 mm, 7.5µm thick RFID IC chip
                      January 18, 2006

                      HP and Hitachi to collaborate on security and privacy research
                      December 13, 2005

                      Hitachi and Renesas Technology Develop Low-Power MOS Phase-Change Memory Cells for On-Chip Memory of Microcontrollers
                      December 8, 2005

                      Mechanism influencing DRAM cell retention time fluctuation clarified
                      November 1, 2005

                      A new low power SRAM circuit reducing standby leakage current to 1/100th
                      October 17, 2005

                      Hitachi develops grip-type finger vein authentication technology
                      September 27, 2005

                      3D Visualization of amplitude and phase of high-speed optical signals
                      August 19, 2005

                      July 20, 2005

                      Hitachi Becomes the First Japanese Company to Receive TSA Certification for Explosives Trace Detection System
                      July 15, 2005

                      Successful imaging of brain activity after alcohol intake using Optical Topography Cerebral blood volume differences observed following visual stimulation depending on genotype-based alcohol sensitivity
                      July 14, 2005

                      Low-power-consumption semiconductor laser diode for 10 Gbps metropolitan area optical transmission
                      June 17, 2005

                      Renesas Technology and Hitachi Develop High-Speed Programming Technologies for Multilevel AG-AND Flash Memories
                      June 15, 2005

                      0.4-V DRAM array technology using twin cells for next generation mobile devices
                      June 1, 2005

                      Hitachi and Renesas Technology Develop Through-Hole Electrode Technology to Enable Interconnection of Stacked Chips at Room Temperature
                      March 15, 2005

                      Hitachi Develops a Robot that has the Capabilities for Daily Life and that Moves in Response to Dialogs with People:
                      February 16, 2005

                      New DRAM circuit design approach for gigabit-era DRAM
                      February 10, 2005

                      Development of world's first RFID sensor chip for DNA analysis

                      Development of a highly accurate calibration system for PLL circuit miniaturization

                      Development of embedded SRAM technology with 0.8V operation voltage
                      February 1, 2005

                      December 13, 2004

                      Highly-reliable low-k material technology for LSIs beyond the 65nm generation
                      December 13, 2004

                      New SOI transistor developed beyond 65-nm technology nodes
                      October 14, 2004

                      Automatic seedling growth monitoring technology with an accuracy of 0.5mm
                      October 8, 2004

                      Succeeded in record-breaking 16-level per symbol 40 Gbit/s optical transmission
                      October 4, 2004

                      Development of 3D human image transmission technology with 360 degree viewing
                      September 9, 2004

                      Development of magneto-cardiograph 3-D visualization of heart current distribution
                      July 20, 2004

                      New CAM for IPv6 generation Network Routers
                      July 12, 2004

                      Establishment of Consumer Business Group and Digital Appliance Research Center to Strengthen Management of Consumer Business
                      June 18, 2004

                      Development of a four-transistor-type SRAM cell using double-gate FD-SOI transistor
                      June 17, 2004

                      3-dimensional structure SRAM cell prototype
                      June 1, 2004

                      Development of a mobile magneto-cardiograph for heart disease screening
                      April 22, 2004

                      Development of 16x-speed technology for DVD-RAM
                      March 11, 2004

                      Dr. Hideaki Koizumi, Senior Chief Scientist of Hitachi's Research & Development Group, to Be Appointed a Fellow of Hitachi
                      February 27, 2004

                      Development of an On-chip SRAM Circuit featuring the World's Lowest Standby Current of 25 µA/Mbit and 90% Reduction in Leakage Current under Low-speed Operation
                      February 24, 2004

                      February 16, 2004

                      Development of The World's Highest-Performance Processor Core for System LSIs used in Next-generation Digital Consumer Appliances

                      Development of Power Reduction Techniques for Next-Generation Cellular Phone System LSIs
                      January 22, 2004

                      Hitachi and AccSys Deliver First PET Isotope Production System Utilizing Linear Accelerator
                      December 11, 2003

                      November 20, 2003

                      The concept of a storage-centric network which is "safe and secure anywhere" jointly developed
                      September 29, 2003

                      Hitachi Develops the World's Smallest 40-Gbit/s Optical Transmitter
                      September 9, 2003

                      World's first imaging of neonate linguistic cognitive functions using Optical Topography(R)
                      September 2, 2003

                      Hitachi Develops a New RFID with Embedded Antenna µ-Chip
                      July 15, 2003

                      Hitachi Selects The Mind Electric Distributed Computing Technology To Develop Ubiquitous Computing Platform
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